3 Day Refresh (while breastfeeding)

A while back, I had hit a plateau in my weight loss and was really needing a jump start! That’s when I decided to do the 3 Day Refresh!

[Since my son was about 7 months at the time, my milk supply was well established and I knew I could monitor it easily. If any issues came up, I planned to adjust immediately!]

The 3 Day Refresh acts as a reset through a specific, reduced-calorie diet. It is not truly meant to be a cleanse or thorough detox. You could think of it as a GENTLE cleanse and detox. It helps to reset the body: getting rid of some bloating, clearing out the system some, and helping to refocus your mind (helping to eliminate cravings and cloudy thinking due to less-than-stellar nutrition).

With breastfeeding, I added in an extra 300-500 calories (in the form of veggies, fruits, protein and healthy fats) and milk-supply boosting supplements (fenugreek and Mother’s Milk Tea). Thankfully, I didn’t have ANY issues at all!

My Meals, Hydration & Exercise

Day 1

Upon Waking: 8-10oz of water

Breakfast: (within 1 hour of waking) Shakeology (my preferred Chocolate Vegan) blended with water, full banana (instead of the suggested 1/2), with cinnamon and 1 fenugreek capsule (this helps boost milk supply).

Optional Morning Tea: (at least 1 hour after Breakfast) Mother’s Milk Tea & half an orange (fruit added for supply)

Mid-Morning: (at least 1 hour after Morning Tea) Fiber Sweep (digestive health drink)– I’ll be honest- this wasn’t my favorite, but I just put on my big girl panties and chugged it down!

Lunch: (at least 1 hour after Fiber Sweep) Vanilla Fresh (shake blended with water, 1 full orange (instead of suggested 1/2) and 2 celery stalks). I ate my healthy fat (1 Tbsp almond butter) right off the spoon!


Afternoon Snack: (at least 1 hour after Lunch) Carrots & hummus (if I was hungry at this point, I would add in some lean turkey lunch meat- but I didn’t end up needing it any of the three days)

Optional Afternoon Tea: (at least 1 hour after Afternoon Snack) Mother’s Milk Tea (planned fruit or almonds, if I was hungry- which I wasn’t on Day 1)

Dinner: (at least 1 hour after Afternoon Tea) Vanilla Fresh (shake blended with water and optional cinnamon– this tasted like horchata!), 1 serving of the Veggie Stir Fry (sooooo good!!), plus 1 cup of optional organic vegetable broth (also amazing- so satisfying and soothing!).

Optional Evening Tea: (at least 1 hour after Dinner) Mother’s Milk Tea and half a cup of blueberries (fruit added for supply)


All throughout the day I guzzled water. My general water goal is half my weight in ounces- so that has been around a gallon. I tried to get AT LEAST that much, plus more if possible each of the three days. During the Refresh, you are encouraged to do light yoga or walking, if anything. Because I always need to stretch out my muscles, I did some yoga each day.

I am a creature of habit and routine who DOES NOT mind repetition- so I did the exact same thing each of the three days. This really simplified the process for me and decreased my stress, especially since I was trying to stay within the timing of everything with regular home life and kiddo taking my focus.

3 Day Refresh Results & Reflections


Pounds lost: 4.8

I didn’t have a chance to do measurements, but you can see the difference, especially in my tummy.

Disclaimer: the four days prior to the Refresh, I had several treats and was definitely more bloated than normal.  That said, the results were still incredible.


The experiences people have are varied, yet seem to follow a similar pattern.

Many mention having a clarity of mind and thought by the end of the three days. I did not experience this exactly, but I also hadn’t had more than six hours of sleep on average since my son was born- and that sleep was broken up. Such is the nature of mom life, I suppose! (I’m so happy to report that the Little Man is sleeping through the night now, but because the hubs and I get busy talking, I’m still only getting about six hours a night! haha)

What I DID experience was my sugar cravings being greatly reduced, my extra tummy bloat going away, and finding myself satiated throughout the day even with reduced caloric intake.

My BIGGEST takeaways are:

1) Chicken or veggie broth make a great snack to handle post-dinner munchies ☕️
2) The recipe for veggie stir fry from the Program Guide is a win for us and will start being added to our dinner rotation


3) Emotional eating is still VERY MUCH an issue for me; it probably always will be. BUT when I control my food, and the timing of my meals, I can distinguish real hunger from emotional hunger much more easily. I already try to eat 5-6 small meals a day, but they aren’t always as well-timed as they are during the 3 Day Refresh.❤️ I also knew EXACTLY what I would be eating at the start of my day. That took away my ability to waffle between choices (which can often lead to eating unhealthy comfort food). I try to plan out my meals for the week ahead of time, but haven’t been very diligent about it. Seeing what a difference it made during those three days, it is a new priority for me.

I would HIGHLY recommend this nutritional and mental reset to anyone needing that boost of discipline and results.


With love and grace,




You can always find me here:

Instagram: @grace.grit.fit

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