My Story

Hi! I’m Nicole!


I’m so glad you found my blog!

I am a busy mom and wife with a passion for holistic health for myself, my family, and anyone else who will listen! Striving for health is so much more than clean eating and fitness (though, they are VERY important); I believe it has to involve a healthy mindset and a community of like-minded people! It takes a village to do more than raise a child! (That said, if you want to be part of the village to raise my chile, this mama will take all the help she can get!) 

This passion led to stepping out in faith to help others (especially fellow mamas) as they chase their goals to health and wellness.

My journey is ongoing! It spans many years, which you will see below. I am a work in progress! I have learned A LOT along the way, but more than that, I will come alongside you and teach you what I know as we journey together toward our healthiest selves!









December 2015

Version 4

August 2016


September 2016


February & March 2017

In these pictures, you see the progression of many things: my weight loss and gain; my academic years; my love life; my new love of activity; years of marriage producing my first year of motherhood; my journey to reclaim my health.

What you don’t see are the lessons and habits I have learned over the last seven years. I have tried all kinds of diets and “plans”, having some measurable success (and subsequent failure) with each. My dieting life actually began at the age of 14, so the yo-yo has been swinging for many years. Even though my weight gain, loss, gain, loss has caused emotional turmoil, it has been a lesson in discipline and grace (hence: grit & grace; hard work and space to be imperfect).

The Good Lord knows, discipline is not my natural gifting; it has required all of me, every inch of me, to learn how to do what is necessary in the face of stress, worry, and a people-pleasing personality – not to mention learning how to do all of this in tandem with being a wife, homemaker, and mom!

Through the grit of hard work I have learned (and am still learning) to:

  • keep a clean home (clean enough, let’s say)
  • cook 95% of our meals
  • plan healthy meals and shop accordingly
  • remain as frugal as possible
  • enjoy vacation and travel without sabotaging my goals
  • find contentment in our surroundings
  • stick to my healthy habits 80-90% of the time
  • exercise daily

And through learning to give myself and others grace, I have learned:

  • that my kid will be okay; I’m doing the best that I can
  • my family, my marriage, come first no matter what
  • God is bigger than my vain attempts to be “perfect”
  • I am usually doing better than I think that I am
  • sometimes I need that 10-20% of imperfection to stay sane


I look forward to what the journey holds down the road, and hope to see you there!